March 18, 1998



WHEREAS, on September 17, 1997, based on a feasibility report prepared by the Community Center Project's design team indicating that adaptive reuse of the 1800 Market Street building as part of the community center project was unfeasible, this Board adopted a resolution to seek a demolition permit for the 1800 Market Street building as a component of the project's public approvals; and

WHEREAS, certain members of the community and of the preservation community requested this Board to further study the feasibility of retaining the 1800 Market Street building; and

WHEREAS, a revised Feasibility Study, dated February 17, 1998, has been prepared for this Board indicating that a adaptive reuse of the 1800 Market Street building in conformance with the recommendations of that study will incur approximately $500,000 in addition construction costs, which is less financially onerous than previously estimated.

THEREFORE, this Board resolves as follows:

1. This Board's resolution of September 17, 1997 concerning the proposed demolition of 1800 Market Street is hereby rescinded.

2. This Board will not seek to demolition the 1800 Market Street building.

3. In the event that the Community Center Project is built at the 1800 Market Street site and the 1800 Market Street building is incorporated into the community center, then the adaptive reuse necessary to so incorporate the existing building into the community center will in conformance with the revised Feasibility Study, dated February 17, 1998.

4. The Board, as part of its previously approved process for reviewing the aforementioned feasibility study, will investigate avenues available for financing the additional approximately $500,000 necessary to reuse the 1800 Market Street building in conformity with the revised Feasibility Study.

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