BAY AREA REPORTER - May 14, 1998


by Cynthia Laird

The architects' plan for restoring the Fallon Building as part of the planned Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center Project (CCP) will be unveiled at the CCP board of directors meeting this Wednesday, May 20 at City Hall. Brenda Barnette, CCP board president, invites interested members of the public to review and comment on the design at the meeting.

The CCP board recently reversed an earlier decision to seek demolition of the deteriorated building. Last month, in agreement with preservationists, the board voted to support landmark designation for the Queen Anne Victorian that sits on the site at Market and Octavia streets.

As part of the landmarking process for the Fallon Building, the CCP board and preservationists are in the process of reaching agreement on details of the restoration, which requires minor modifications to the building's Market Street storefronts. The drawings for the proposed restoration will be discussed at the upcoming board meeting before going on to the city's Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board for consideration in June.

copyright, 1998

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