by Gary R. Goad

A negotiated agreement has been reached in the Fallon Building controversy, in which the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center Project (CCP) had threatened demolition of the 104-year-old Victorian at Octavia, Waller and Market to make way for the new community center.

The agreement, adopted by the CCP, the grass-roots group Friends of 1800 Market and the preservationist organization San Francisco Heritage, calls for the building to become an official San Francisco Landmark. A new design will be developed which will incorporate the three-story structure into a new four or five-story community center to be built next to it.

Both the Friends group and Heritage will support the CCP in obtaining the necessary permits and will assist in fundraising for the restoration of the new landmark.

The CCP is still examining the option of moving to a different site. However, a spokesperson points out that their investment in the Octavia and Market site increases significantly under this agreement. Schematic design work and landmark plans will continue nonetheless.

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